When working on site nothing is more important than the well-being of your staff and contractors. Prevent accidents and create a safer workplace with Diss Scaffolding safety nets.

Use Diss Scaffolding to hang safety nets on your existing scaffolds or as part of your scaffolding contract. Our fully fire retardant nets will catch any debris falling from your building, stopping damage to vehicles and injury to personnel.  Available throughout Norfolk and the whole of the East Anglian region.

Do you need a scaffolding company with a 100% record of no accidents on site? If site safety is your biggest concern then call Diss Scaffolding on 01379 643 800.

Safety Netting Services


As with Diss Scaffolding workmanship, when your safety or debris nets have been fully tied into place, one of our official inspectors is sent to check that these comply with the correct health and safety standards. Following this there is a full handover procedure where the inspector takes the time to explain the safety net set up to the appropriate authority on your site.

Regular Checks

To ensure that our safety nets meet the required standard for usage, they are checked every for extensive checks every six months. Any net that does not meet the necessary criteria is destroyed and replaced with a new net.  

Edge Protection

When erecting scaffolding it is important to put in measures to reduce the chances of a worker accidentally falling off the edge. To prevent this from happening, Diss Scaffolding use a system of edge protection, creating a steel scaffold handrail around the exposed sides of the scaffold. This provides your workforce with additional protection against danger and injury.

  • I’d just like to comment on what a fantastic service you and your team provide me with. You epitomise the word ‘proactive’ and tick all the boxes for what we look for in a competent subcontractor. Your standard of work is always of the highest standard and it’s also worth mentioning your approach to the ever changing H&S regulations is admirable.

    We looking forward to your continued assistance on future projects.

    Brady Goacher  Account Manager   Paragon Leisure Refurbs

Are you looking to work with a company who places safety at the forefront of everything they do? If so then call Diss Scaffolding on 01379 643 800.