Domestic Scaffolding Services Offered in Norfolk and Suffolk

At Diss Scaffolding we can help residential customers with all their scaffolding requirements. Being based in Diss on the Norfolk Suffolk Border we can provide quick, efficient and professional assistance to clients in a scaffolding emergency.

We can erect static scaffold towers around your house to allow you to place new guttering around your home, along with replacing or maintaining Facia Boards. If you are planning an extension at home we can provide your builder all the scaffolding erection required to ensure your builder and family have a safe environment to work and live in. We can also provide scaffolding for chimney re-points.

Every house needs maintenance, whether you have decided to decorate the exterior of the property yourself, or contract in a professional painter. If you require scaffolding to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently we can help you with this. Not only do we provide OVER 100 years experience but we also have AAA insurance, which will give you re-assurance if in the unlikely circumstances you or somebody else makes a claim against the project as a result of the scaffolding.

There are many scaffolding firms around Norfolk and Suffolk, however few have over 100 years combined experience. We work to the TG2008 recommended standard and pride ourself on good honest advice and customer service to help ensure our clients projects run as smoothly as possible.

If you would like a quote on scaffolding or would like some more advice to help you with your scaffolding project, please give us a call on (01379) 643800