Scaffolding Work in Lowestoft

July 21st, 2014

Over the last year we have completed a number of scaffolding projects for re-decoration of the Waterstones store in the centre of Lowestoft. We were required to provide a round platform for re-decoration of the external parts of the building whilst the store remained open.

Isle of Anglesea Tele Porter Scaffolding

July 21st, 2014

Diss Scaffolding earlier this year where asked by CITB construction college based at Coleg Menia construction centre to erect a scaffolding tower to aid the training of their tele porter and crane handlers.  It was fantastic to be asked to do scaffolding work for the organisation that provides the relevant qualifications within the industry.  This project took us a week to build and was designed using hilti ties which where drilled into the concrete floor.  Six weeks after erecting this scaffolding gales of 110mph hit the north of Wales and the structure was not affected in anyway.

We have also worked on other projects with the CITB in Ashborn Derbyshire and their hub at Bircham Newton where we recently done work on the outside of the swimming pool roof.

Town Council Building Scaffolding.

July 10th, 2012

Recently Diss Town Council approached us to provide a quote for scaffolding around their town council building in order for John Taylor Builders to do maintenance and repair work on the building.

We where happy to provide the quote for the council, who we have worked alongside on many scaffolding projects in relation to their property over our 20 years in business.

The scaffolding has been erected and is constructed all around the building including placing strand scaffolding at the side of the building to allow for the car park to still be in use during the repair work.

The job of putting the scaffolding up was made all the more enjoyable with the fantastic views over the Diss Mere.

Scaffolding for Church Stain Glass

July 9th, 2012

Recently we where given the responsibility of erecting scaffolding both internally and externally within our local Church, of St Mary’s Church in Diss in order for the glaziers to work on the stunning stained glass windows within the church.(view church).

Placing scaffolding around these beautiful pieces of 14th and 15th Century glass takes a lot of skill, care and attention to ensure everything is erected correctly.  Thankfully with our professional team we have placed the scaffolding around the south wing of the church in order for the glaziers to repair and clean the stain glassed windows.

We have designed and made the scaffolding functional in order to ensure the glaziers can work as easily as possible with these delicate panels of glass and ensure the replacement of any repair work is as easy as possible.